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Thanks to all who participated in the FHS FCA Huddle's Fields of Faith

Want to receive a gift from Fields of Faith whether you attended or not?

1. Text FIELDS to 33733 to receive free resources after your Field concludes.
2. Those who opt in will receive a reply asking them for the zip code of their Field.
3. Type text the SHS Zip Code which is 44149.
4. You will receive a question about your Fields of Faith experience. Text your reply and three hours later you will recieve a free link of the 21.5 God reading plan and an entire U-Version Bible application for your smart phone.

Read and Watch the The Post Video----------- Read the Sun Newspaper Article

If you have additional pictures, please send them to our Webmaster.

Greetings in the name of Christ

The Strongsville High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Huddle welcomes all students, coaches, and faculty members to become a part of this SHS club in any capacity they feel called to participate. There are no dues or student fees, nor are there any mandatory service projects. It is our hope that this Huddle will find deep meaning in the hearts and minds of all who become involved. The Huddle is here to serve those who share a passion for athletic competition, along with an interest in exploring and growing their faith in Jesus Christ. In both areas, it matters not where they stand in their current experiences. We welcome you to "Come and get in to the Game".


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A YouTube message from Cleveland FCA Area Director, Sam Lombardo


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